21 Day Nourish & Glow Round Up

Final week of Kim Gray's detox program

So my 3 week program is done and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Ok, except for the first few days where I felt like I was going backwards, my body adjusting to some new food groups) The fact that I could still have my (daily) 2 cups of coffee & a steak was a big win! What I’m taking away or adopting from the 21 Day Nourish & Glow Program is:

*Starting the day with hot/warm lemon water (Read up on the benefits here!)

* Switching from milk to sugar free almond milk (I’m less bloated)

* Adding smoothies to my diet (A great way to pack as much goodness & skin glowing ingredients into one meal) I’m going to be alternating them with eggs or grain-free granola for breakfast. (Here are some recipes from week 1 if you missed it)

* reigning in my alcohol intake to a few nights a wk – i.e. no booze Sun-Thurs (well lets see how we go, I aint no saint when I hear POP, FIZZ!) I sleep better, more motivated and productive!

*Colour!! Think red cabbage, peppers, spinach – the more colour the better!

* Lots of healthy, easy new recipes – (Marlien even puts your shopping list together!) And here’s my gift to you! Marlien’s Grain-Free Granola Recipe. It’s so comforting, nutritious and more-ish!

See the full report & recipes on KimGray.co.za