24hrs in London: Part 2

Here for a good time, not a long time

The second half of my 24hrs in London was going to be jam packed because my flight home was at 20h00 in the evening. My biggest concern was waking up with a hangover and slowing me down for the rest of the day. The funny part is that I wake up and look at my watch and it says 11:15. I was so irritated because as I had feared, I had already lost a big chunk of the morning. I quickly jumped into the shower and got dressed. As I pick up my phone however after my shower I see that the time is only 09h42 on there. My watch was still set to SA time *blond moment*

10h30 – After the false alarm Thandeka and I went to a place called “Kitchen & Pantry” down in Chiswick which is her favourite breakfast spot. Really loved this spot and in some ways even reminded me of Cape Town. It’s something you would expect to find in Kloof street.


I thoroughly enjoyed my omelette, the official brunch meal of champions. Yep I just made that official.


12h00 – After breakfast I took the tube down to London bridge.
Now if you are ever in London and need an easy way to find your way around then you absolutely have to use the CITYMAPPER app. This is really a game changer and everyone in major cities around the world are using it. Do yourself a favour and download it if you are ever visiting the likes of London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan etc.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.58.50 PM

13h05 – Tower bridge was the one “touristy” place that to wanted to see because I’d never actually gone down and taken pictures from there in my previous visits. So I headed down there before catching up with Faheem again. It’s probably one of the most iconic views in London so I had to do it for the Insta.

It’s amazing the amount of property development that is still going on in some of the prime spots of London. Literally less than 200m away from Tower Bridge is a complex going up with bachelor apartments starting at £1.5m


13h45 – Met up with Faheem at Borough Market, London’s most renowned food market. Because it was Good Friday, there was a great buzz at the market. Borough Market is similar to Old Biscuit Mill or Neighbourhoods market, only more intense and 1000yrs older. True story, markets in Borough have been operation since the 11th century. Tower Bridge being on the River Thames was a popular attraction for traders back in the day.



The market is really awesome and we cruised around the place eating and drinking whatever we could land our hands on. The highlight of all the food there most definitely has to be a dish pretty much made up of baked potato and a truck load of melted cheese. I just didn’t have the stomach to try this but it was insane how popular this stand was.


14h55 – From Borough we took a train to Green Park. The sun was out and Londoners were out in full force gcakamelaring the sun (Ask your Xhosa friend what that means). Green Park is London’s version of Central Park I guess. I can see myself chilling on that grass for hours if I lived in London.


The beauty of the centre of London is that even though the tube can take you anywhere, its actually not that far walking between places so after Green Park we continued through to Piccadilly Circus. I still hadn’t bought girlfriend a gift so the was a safe place to go looking for stuff. We ended up bumping into other South African’s chilling there, as you do. People just love chilling over there and just watching traffic drive by. Naturally, we had to get another shot for the Insta 🙂



16h25 – Covent Garden wasn’t far from Piccadilly Circus and we went there for one last drink before I had to head to the airport. The streets were still alive with activity, street performers and people just wandering the streets. There was a cool restaurant/ bar called TUTTONS where we had our last round of drinks. Think Twankey bar in Cape Town. The restaurant is probably the oldest and most famous in Covent Garden.


17h30 – The 24hr adventure in London came to an end and I went to pick up my bags from Thandeka’s place with the plan of Ubering to the train station for the airport. Not before Thandeka sent me to the wrong train station and almost caught the wrong train (Yes I just outted you during the interwebs T 😀 )