A quick chat with Dan Patlansky

Running Wolf Rant's Henno Kruger gets low down on new album

May 2016 saw the South African release of Dan Patlansky’s eighth studio album, entitled “Introvertigo”. The album was written over the course of two years. Patlansky immediately started writing this follow-up after 2014’s critically acclaimed album, “Dear Silence Thieves” (which was voted Best Blues Rock Album of 2014 by Blues Rock Review in the USA).


According to Patlansky “Introvertigo describes a feeling I very often experience being an introvert. The concept behind the album is very much about my own insecurities. It’s about being an introvert in the music industry, my experiences in the industry and life in general. Even though the songs on the album have different topics and are not directly about being an introvert, It comes from an introvert’s point of view.”

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