Four places in South Africa to drink a can of CBC Pale Ale beer

The Brewmistress takes the new CBC on the road

Unless you’ve been living under a Wi-Fi-free rock for the past month, you’ll probably be aware that CBC have released their first beer in a can. The pale ale hit fridge shelves in late March and is gradually making its way around the country. But not just on the back of delivery trucks – the CBC team took quite the journey to get the cans to SA (brewer Wolfgang travelled to Sweden to brew the beer, where it is canned and shipped to SA) and since launching, they’ve been encouraging their fans to do the same.

The idea is to take your CBC on the road and share photos of the beer’s trip over social media and/or on the new Love the Journey app. I, of course, live to make your beer-related life easier, so here’s a list of four perfect places to crack open a can of CBC Pale Ale. Grab a four pack, throw a backpack into your car, bring a beer buddy along and join the journey.

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