Hip Hop DX Interviews Candice Pillay

Close up with the South Africa's singing sensation

When Candice Pillay walks into a room, carrying her South African exotic aura with her everywhere she goes, you can’t help but notice her presence in the room.

Her 40-minute conversation with HipHopDX, spurned from a chance encounter at Musicology’s songwriting panel, started off addressing the chaos of Christmas shopping in Los Angeles, specifically Topanga Canyon mall. I asked about Kylie Jenner’s pop-up shop, and she revealed seeing “thousands and thousands of people in line waiting for that store. It was like Biggie or Tupac came back.” At that point, her Hip Hop roots show behind the gorgeous looks. You know how singers totally lose their accent when they sing? (Perfect example: Rihanna.) Hearing them speak is a friendly reminder of the diversity they bring to the music.

During the interview, Candice addresses songwriting, the hardships and life experiences she has been through, and how the best songs come after heartbreak. She is also a huge believer in fate and “working your ass off to see results.” This is her second year in a row getting a Grammy nomination for best Hip Hop album. She is someone you can talk to for hours and gain so much wisdom and insight. When she says “Hip Hop saved my life,” she means it.

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