Ketel One launches in SA

Worlds most loved vodka finally arrives in South Africa

With 300 years and 11 generations of the Nolet family’s distilling expertise as its heritage, Ketel One Vodka has become a staple in the world’s best bars and a liquid that has inspired a global fraternity of elite bartenders & spirit experts.


The brand was introduced to the country’s top bartenders, who attended a Master Class on the spirit, led by Bob Nolet, Nolet Distillery’s Ambassador, Dennis Tamse, and Ketel One Global Brand Ambassador, Justin Smyth, during the WORLD CLASS regional rounds in March.


An 11th-generation Nolet Distiller, and a foremost expert on the liquid, Bob Nolet will travel from Holland to South Africa especially for the WORLD CLASS Regional Workshops and is enthusiastic about spreading Ketel One’s story across the region.


“I am proud to present Ketel One to South Africa, sharing its heritage and distinctive flavour with bartenders, media and cocktail lovers. I am passionate about engaging with anyone interested in the world of fine spirit and who want to learn more about this superb vodka, which has been crafted by my family since 1983,” says Bob Nolet.


A star in the armory of the world’s top bartenders, Ketel One is a fundamental ingredient in the most exceptional cocktails and, with Ketel One launching in South Africa, the country joins a global fraternity of uncompromising devotees to the spirit.