Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Shopping

Jerri Mokgofe curates the ultimate gifts for the old man

As a lead up to Fathers Day, Hyde Park Corner has created a Gentleman’s Lounge within their centre court. Where they have curated a beautiful installation (Gentleman’s Lounge) using products from various stores housed within the shopping centre. I popped in the shopping centre the other night to gawk at the products and try some beautiful wines that were served. I compiled and photographed some of the items I recommend as great gifts for Father’s day. The products in the Gentleman’s Lounge range from decor art pieces, exquisite alcoholic beverages, fluffy indulgent bathrobes, soothing grooming products and many more. If you are not too sure as what to get for the old man, go check out the Gentleman’s Lounge in Hyde Park. This could potentially be where you will find the solution to your gift buying problems. If all fails, perhaps take dad out for lunch or dinner and present him with a Hyde Park Corner gift card and let him decide for himself as to how he wants to be styled and groomed.

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