Nourish & Glow 21 Day Program update

Kim Gray's update on week 1 of her revitalising eating routine.

So it was that wake-up call I needed when Marlien mailed me to introduce me to her Yoga Retreat, and so that’s how I found out about her Nourish & Glow 21 Day Program. Having moved countries, cold weather, lots of travel, Easter, my Birthday etc – I felt like my diet & health were slowly, sliding downhill. Having enjoyed the low carb, high fat diet – I thought Marlien’s approach would be interesting to try and compare. Although I find that the low carb diet works for me (When you’re not drinking champagne & eating Easter bunnies), one can get stuck in a rut of the same recipes, ingredients etc – and I felt like a complete “reboot” as Marlien calls it, is what I needed too!

Week 1:

Every morning I start the day with hot/warm water and lemon, then 20 minutes later I can have my coffee. I was most relieved to hear I could keep the coffee! However, I had to cut the dairy – and so I’m now embracing unsweetened almond milk and already pretty used to the new flavour.

My breakfast has been a green smoothie and has surprisingly kept me full until lunch. Lunches and dinners have been hearty, tasty and I’ve been enjoying trying some new recipes. All the meals have been really easy to prep & cook! From a fragrant thai fish red curry to salmon, roast chicken and crunchy salads. I’ve certainly never felt deprived!

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