R.I.P Nokia

Microsoft shuts down Nokia plants following last year's acquisition

Eish, what a sad ending to a (once) great company. Only a few months after forking out over $7b for the Finnish mobile company, Microsoft has now begun shutting down the company’s operations across the world and rebranding under the name Microsoft Mobile Oy.

The sale included around 8500 design patents and a ten year license for another 30,000 utility patents which pretty much makes Microsoft a full on mobile company now.

Full Integration of the two companies is expected to take up to two years and it’s not clear as yet exactly when the Microsoft Mobile brand will start rolling out to consumers.


In a world now ruled by Apple and Samsung, its so easy to forget that just how dominant this brand once was. The change of guard however was swift and ruthless and astonishing how rapidly Nokia lost ground to these two market leaders. In the word’s of the honourable Drizzy Drake though “It ain’t about who did it first. It’s about who did it right.”