Road tripping with Aqeela

Adventures in a Mustang drop top

Looking at these photographs make me sooo happy! If you read yesterday’s blog post you’ll know a little bit more about the road trip Malick and I went on with Sunglass Hut over the last few days. It really was a trip unlike any other. We had so much fun and even a few mini meltdowns along the way, because hey, it was a LONG drive. But, I’ll say now what I said then, “guys, we’re gonna look back on this and laugh when it’s all over”, and now that I’m back in the comfort of my home, I really am laughing at so many of those good and bad moments! Eg: of bad moment: having beach sand in your underwear and being hungry then having to drive like that for 3 hours to another town before showering, all the while having life-changing deep talks.

Otherwise I’m so happy to have been able to see parts of SA I’ve never seen before. I’ve been such a foreign travel junkie for so many years, without bothering to see more of our country, which was very silly of me. I was feeling really sad about 2016 being the first year that I won’t be travelling abroad, but looking back on this year I’ve been all over SA and made some really special memories and seen so much beauty for the first time, right here at home. I’m gonna throw another cheesy line in here but it has to be done, so here goes; this trip reminded me life really is about the journey and not just the destination. Yeah, I went there. But honestly it’s true. That, and driving a convertible Mustang in a fleet of a few more Mustangs for five days didn’t make the journey too hard either 🙂

I hope you love these pics and that it makes you crave and pursue adventure with your mates this summer! And of course, thank you again to Sunglass Hut for having us.




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