Sunglass Hut’s reflections forum

A reflection from (yes we just did that)

Last week, if you watched my snapchats and most recent vlog, you’ll know I attended Sunglass Hut’s inaugural Reflections Forum. Now I’m not the kind of girl you can talk to for even half an hour without my mind wondering, and yet I found myself feeling sad when the talk was over after almost two hours of sitting and listening.


Led by trend analyst, Dion Chang, the forum aimed to discuss the concept of “Individualism” and how this breaks away from the tradition of fashion trends, thereby determining the direction in which fashion, internationally and locally, is headed. Trevor Stuurman and Emily Gambade (editor of Elle magazine) assisted Dion in facilitating the forum, while social media lawyer, Emma Sadleir, gave us the most interesting talk on what the South African law states about social media, and the power of social platforms. Attendees were encouraged to participate, question and contest the forum. Lastly, the poet, Nova, piqued our thoughts with her piece that concluded the event.

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